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Post Video on Your Blog or Website

Help us get the word out: If you want to post a small video player showing "Help Keep The Thrashers in Atlanta" on your blog or website:

  • Go to YouTube using this link.

  • Click on "Embed" under the video

  • If you want a smaller video player, go to the light blue custom box, type in "450" in the width box. It will choose a height of 283.

  • Select the code in the box, copy and paste it into your website's or blog's HTML code.
  • If the video is very slow to load on your site, try a larger video player (play with custom size). Your computer has to work harder to covert a “large” video into a “smaller” format. The closer a player is to the size of the original video the easier it is to play.

Here is a 450 x 283 player: